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Tiger House Hermitage 

Art Residency

Who Are We

Each year Tiger House Hermitage selects a handful of Artists, to come on retreat to reflect, research, or produce work.

We have introduced The Art Residency program to give artists the opportunity to live and work outside of their usual environment, allowing artists to explore a new location and possibly a new culture, and hopefully help to inspire the inspired. 

These Art Residencies aim to create a deep, meaningful impact on an Artist’s life and work.


Just recently we have converted half of the barn at Tiger House Hermitage into a beautiful studio space which has been custom fit with art lights around the blank white walls, concrete floor for spilling paint, high ceilings, natural light and great acoustics.


Tiger House Hermitage supports contemporary creativity spanning all creative mediums and the residence is open to painters, illustrators, photographers, tattoo artists, and creatives from New Zealand and foreign backgrounds.


At the end of the residency, Artists are asked to donate an artwork to leave a trace of their work which will be woven into the story of Tiger House Hermitage and to be shared with all our guests.

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